David's video letter

Devid さんからビデオレターが届きました。デジタルカメラかウェブカメラでとってファイルにすると
January, 2005.

David 's VIDEO Letter


Video Letter Quiz

100 点満点 ( 合格点 90 点 )

制限時間 5 分

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問題 1.

Where is David from?

He is from New York.   He is from Chicago.   He is from Seattle.  

問題 2.

Was it fine in winter there?

Yes, it was.   No, it wasn't.    It was cloudy.  

問題 3.

What didn't David take out?

a ski   a raincoat   his favorite book   an umbrella  

問題 4.

Did David go skiing to the mountains?

Yes, he went skiing.   No, he was in Starbucks.   No, he was reading a book at home.